The Retirement Academy Empowerment Coaching Program

       Your Dream Does not Exist You Have To Create It

Are you:

*Feeling frustrated and uncertain about where you fit into your own life?

*Facing an uphill battle when it comes to managing your time, money, and life?

*Just wandering through your mid-life years wondering what might next and what you’ll do?

*Constantly overwhelmed by the increasing demands upon your time thanks to work and home?

*Seeking that elusive feeling of happiness, abundance, prosperity, love, and success that so many people desire?          

            Bear with me for a few minutes and I will gladly explain how you can attain all this and more by tapping into the immense power that you can utilize to make your every dream come true. You’ll be amazed at how easily your dreams can come true and the uncanny synchronicity that will make it all seem to happen at once!    

 The time has come to let yourself experience the transition and become an empowered Expat Wife! 

Before we keep going, let me ask you few important questions.

Do you: 

*want the freedom to allow your imagination to roam and develop into something useful?

* want to learn how to be more influential and charismatic when around others?

* want to be someone that people listen to and enliven your conversations?

* want to be seen as the go-to person that people will seek out when they need something?

* want to be able to empathize with other people and in effect get to know what they’re thinking?

* feel the need to see your offers and ideas accepted by your peers?

* want to be able to impart important and unforgettable messages that are brimming with your authoritative mark?

* want to be able to relate to people by telling relevant stories in order to alleviate any situation?

* want to be able to give the best advice and reap the positive results when making decisions regarding crucial conversations?

Many people are confident in saying that they want to change their lives, but most don’t have the resources or the knowledge of how to do this.

What if you could flip a magical switch and experience such things as :

*Greater success in business and life.

*Better working relationships with your co-workers.

*Real confidence that comes from knowing what you are doing and how to solve almost any situation.

*A happier and fuller life at work and at home 

With this program you are about to be set upon a path with a knowledgeable and amazing guide that will seek to understand your needs and who will look to do nothing less than help to improve your life in whatever way you need. In fact you might be astonished at the sudden and very important shift that will occur during your journey. You will no doubt find it quite liberating to never again have to rely on words such as “but”, “can’t”, or “won’t”.

With the help of your expert guide "The Retirement Business Coach" you will eventually be able to break free or break through any barriers that might be impeding your forward progress!


The Retirement Academy Empowerment Coaching Program

            This carefully designed coaching program will show you everything you will need to know to achieve your goals. From identifying and finally releasing those toxic emotions to feeling the absolute confidence you will need to keep moving forward, this program is one of the absolute best on the market right now. With this training course every expat wife will be able to take action to live up to their own expectations right away and without any trouble.

There is nothing but quality in every aspect of this program, from the coaching to the manner in which the lesson is delivered.  You will receive a highly personalized experience during which your "Empowerment Coach" will work with you personally to insure that you are receiving the absolute best coaching possible.                                               

There are 12 modules to this coaching program that offer nothing but the best over a 12 week period when it comes to your training and success. These include:

1) Goal Setting- It takes knowing what you want to go and get it. This module is all about setting down realistic goals to attain and learning how to follow your dreams.

2) Finding your passion- In this module you will identify and learn how to develop your core strengths, the qualities that best define who you are and where you excel.

3) Facing challenges- This is where you will learn to build up your resilience and take challenges head on.

4) De-clutter your life- Here is where you will learn to prioritize and get rid of the junk in your life that is holding you down. 

5) Setting effective boundaries- You’ll want to know how far to take your goals and what lines you will and won’t cross. 

6) Empowering relationships- If you’re going to be successful you’ll need to know how to create and maintain relationships in the workplace.

7) Power of focus- As you continue on you’ll need to keep your mind from straying by staying sharp and remaining focused on your goal. 

8) Effective time management- You need to learn how to do as much as you can with the time you’ve got. 

9) Decision-making- This is where you will learn how to reaffirm your level of discipline and remain diligent in your goals. 

10) Positioning as an expert- You want people to know that you are at the top of your game, and to do that you must project authority. 

11) How to network effectively- Who you know and who can help you is important. Networking is a vital part of business. 

12) How to leave a legacy- You want to leave something behind when all is said and done, and by doing this you will have created a lasting success that others can look up to and aspire towards.       

            So if you’ve ever had that feeling of being dissatisfied or discouraged with how your life is turning out or how much of a grind your daily routine is becoming then this program is for you.  If you’ve been seeking a way to eliminate any and all negative thoughts such as the worry and fear that make you continue wonder if what you’re doing in life make sense, you need to sign up with one of our program coaches to get started.  And if you have been trying to find a tried and trusted path that will lead to financial growth and a sense of personal empowerment, then our coaches are waiting to speak with you. 

After completing this coaching program you will find yourself becoming:

* More talented and able to work your way through any situation.

* A loyal, generous, and completely dedicated individual that can inspire anyone.

* Helpful, strong, and caring within the community or workplace.

* Brave enough to stand tall in the workplace and make a positive change in your life and those of others.

* Courteous, forgiving, and respectful of others in the community or workplace.

* More trusting, empathetic, and capable of listening to others when they seek your advice.                  

Remember Your Dream Does Not Exist You Have To Create It

Each step includes one to one coaching sessions on skype, worksheets to help you apply your insights immediately, and fill in the blank templates for fast implementation. 

You will also have "Direct and Personal Access" to Bibi Apampa for Three months for advise, mentoring, coaching on any aspect of your life and business. With Bibi available on call, you will be less of a pioneer and more of an experienced traveler. 

Take the step today to turn your vision and dreams to reality. Dare to dream big reflecting on the word of wisdom that says " You can eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time but the key is to take the bites often in a systematic way. The best time to start is now


4 Step by Step Multimedia Training with Easy Actionable Tips, Plan for Success, Tools Training and Resources

How To Get What You Want In Life 

Time Management

Lifestyle Design 

Limitless Energy

Let Your Goals And Dreams Be Your North Star!

IT’S TIME TO SHOOT FOR THE STARS!  Go as far as you wish to. Own the dreams and set those dreams to 

accomplish what it is that your heart wishes. There is nothing that you cannot achieve within reason.

This coaching is guaranteed to explode your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem beyond anything you could 

expect and faster than you could imagine. You will experience a complete shift in your life, and dare I 

say, a total shift of consciousness as you become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Expat Wife.

The Retirement Academy Empowerment Coaching Program 


Only $1000!

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   I look forward to seeing you at the top

   To your Success,

P.S. Remember You will have "Direct and Personal Access" to Bibi Apampa for THREE months for advise, mentoring, coaching on any aspect of your life andbusiness. With Bibi available on call, you will be less of a pioneer and more of an experienced traveler.