Become A Best Selling Author In 3 Months             I can Help You Create an E-Book from Scratch, Get It Published, and Sell it on (Kindle), (Nook), iTunes (Apple iPad) 

Bring Your book To Life Finally Write That Book You’ve Always Said You Wanted To Write

How many times have you talked about wanting to write a book?

You say, “I’m going to do it eventually. The timing just needs to be right.”

You make excuses. You say you’re too busy right now. You say you’re not a good enough writer. You say you don’t know where to start or the steps involved.

And weeks, months, and years pass by, but you still haven’t written your book.

I used to make these excuses too. Until I realized I wasn’t just making excuses, I was saying NO to a better, richer, freer life with passive income coming in every month from the sales of my book.

Eventually, I decided enough is enough. I wouldn’t do this to myself anymore. So I promised to write a book as one of my GOALS ….

When I started out writing my first book, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have a plan or a coach.

So I went through the exhausting process of struggling at every step. I fell on my face trying to write, publish, and market my book. And my sleep, stress, and mood paid the price for it.

While wasting hundreds of hours on research (time that should have went to writing and marketing), along the way I picked up patterns. And I put these patterns together into a system. 

Today l am an Award Winning Amazon Best Selling Author multiple times


As a "Book-Midwife"  

l have helped other people Write, List, Publish and Market their book to Best Seller Status on Amazon and other International Online Book Sales Portals. 

I can help you as well

Introducing The "Best Selling Author" Coaching Program

    Why Write A Book

  • Establish yourself as the trusted authority in your space
  • Create a coaching or consulting business (or raise your rates)
  • Land speaking gigs (or raise your rates)
  • Become an influencer and grow an audience
  • Sell your products and services
  • Earn passive income from book royalties
  • Share your story to the world
  • Quickly create a new product and generate immediate income.
  • Generate leads to sell additional products & services
  • Grow your Personal Brand use it as your new business card to open doors
  • Leave a Legacy
  • The Book Mid-Wife Mentoring Program

    Have you heard this before? “The best investment is always in yourself.” It’s true. And this is a prime example when you invest in Author Coaching where l Mid-Wife your book.

    I’ll be your personal Best Selling Author Coach and "Book Mid-Wife" to guide you through:

    • Finding a powerful book idea
    • Setting writing goals and holding you accountable to stick to them
    • Writing your book in three months
    • Editing, formatting, and publishing a book on Amazon
    • Executing book marketing strategies that bestselling authors use

    When you work with me, you’re going to get specific writing goals, deadlines, and challenges.

    You’re going to get encouragement or tough love, whatever you need to make great progress.

    And you’re going to get real results and become a published author.

    That’s what I’ll do for you in this author coaching.

    In addition to the 12 Session "Book Mid-Wife Mentoring Program, you will receive

    Make Money with Kindle
    Step By Step Guide To Build A Six Figure Passive Online Income With Kindle
    Amazon Best Seller Blue Print 

    Discover the Exact Step by Step Marketing Blueprint Which Will Teach You How to Boost your Book to Bestseller Status!"

    eBook Riches

    step-by-step video tutorials that'll show you the tools, techniques and my top tips to for writing, outsourcing and selling your ebook.

    One-On-One Coaching Designed To Write, Publish, And Market Your Book

    Here’s exactly how this coaching will work.

    We’ll start the week with a 30-minute coaching call, every single week, to assess the previous week, discuss any struggles or questions, and set new weekly goals.

    I will hold you accountable to your actions, so you’ll make 100 times more progress than you would on your own. And you’ll be forced to stay committed because you’re going to receive brutally honest, no-nonsense feedback you need to write your book.

    As a coach, my single job is to make sure you write a quality book. And only a coach can provide outside perspective and feedback for real results, which is exactly what you’re going to get.

    Plus, if something comes up during the week, you will have unlimited contact to my personal email. So if you’re stuck or struggling to stay motivated, I will get you back on track to reach your weekly goals.

    And, most importantly, after intentional and focused coaching, I guarantee you will become a published author.

    Get started now and choose one of the author coaching packages:

    Book "Mid-Wife" Packages

     Author Coaching - $1000

      • Finding a powerful book idea
      • Setting writing goals and holding you accountable to stick to them
      • Writing your book in three months
      • Editing, formatting, and publishing a book on Amazon 

      Platinum - Author Coaching plus Best Seller Publishing and Campaign - $2000

    Book Author Coaching plus International Best Seller Branding - We will list your book on kindle and physical book on Amazon and other international global sales channels In addition to hitting best seller list (Guaranteed) we will target No1 Best Seller status. We will create marketing materials for your website with matching FaceBook page,  Twitter account, matching YouTube video channel with videos promoting your book. 10 picture messages with inspirational quotes to promote the book, virtual global book tours and GUARANTEED media citation on International TV, Radio and Newspapers 


                    Author Coaching Is An Investment That Pays For Itself

    If you’re not sure this is worth it, ask yourself this.

    Would you pay less than the cost of a college course to publish a book and:

    • Have passive income going to your bank account every month?
    • Double your speaking or consulting rates?
    • Build a business off of your book?
    • Share your message to change someone else’s life forever?
    • Leave a legacy that lives on after you die?

    After all of that, would it be worth it?

    With these results, investing in author coaching would pay for itself in the short term, and you could 10x or 100x your investment in the future.

    If you’re serious about becoming an author, you need to make a change. And coaching is that change that’s going to bring you immediate results.

    Coaching can save you thousands of dollars and countless time that you would have wasted learning on your own.

    It’s time you write that book, become an author, and reach the fulfillment you deserve in life.

    So are you ready to become an author?

    If you are, then I’m excited for you to sign up so we can work together to make this book happen!

    Get started now and choose one of the author coaching packages   

     Author Coaching

    Author Coaching & BestSeller Publishing

    Author Coach & Book MidWife at              Best Sellers Award

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      I Look forward to seeing you at the top



    Remember Your Dream Does Not Exist You Have To Create It

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